Quitting Slimming World ASAP


So I thought I would join Slimming World. Maybe I was coerced into this. Or maybe perhaps it was the groups I have been added to one which has me as admin that got me so in awe of others’ success stories.

Anyway what could I lose. Oh yeah I could lose some pounds. Well I joined a group ten minutes walk away from home. My 1st group meeting becamey last. You see I had been at work all day not eaten and as the man who is indeed the husband was heading out the lids came too.

Most participants who had kids got weighed and left. I should have taken note. My kids were given stuff to play with books colours and I remember them asking for the meeting fruit display.

Anyway the group leader was very friendly. He explained all to us newbies. We sat down listened to the successes failures and inbetweens. I actually picked up a few tips here. Despite husband cooking often it was still do-able.

The scales don’t lie. I have work to do and this diet seems unrestrictive but with restrictions. A type of duality. The book is thorough enough to get you going. You can speed up your weightloss with Speed foods and Protein.

Anyway this 1st meeting took 2hours to complete. I was hungry feeling famished and my kids suddenly wanted to eat fruit. We have fruit at home all the time. So based on that it just was not going to be practical to attend meetings.


I called HQ and asked to be switched to the online plan. My wish was granted. I am taking this month which ends in 1 week to learn best practices and then continue on my own.

I am actually wanting to look more into clean  eating. My fitness trainer friend said all I need to do is excercise and eat healthily. But as you know I have been trying.

The goal to fitness and improved health continues.

The Struggle is Real

I am praying that one day I will wake up to miraculous weight loss. My friend wants me to join Slimming World. But as the husband does a lot of cooking and he uses oil a lot such a commitment would not work.

In so much I am going to plan some recipes for days when I cook but also get back to exercising. I bought a bike this summer and me and the boys spent the summer going on bike rides. It has been so much fun. I have been told of a indoor bike adaptor so I can use my bike in my home as a stationary bike. Sounds like a win to me.

I now have two smoothie makers. I took advantage of a groupon deal and bought one that allows me to only make one portion. It has also proven a success with the kids but has become a milkshake haven.

So going forward I will make use of MyFitness Pal app. I am “SoFitandLush” on there please follow me. I will get hold of some slimming world books and I will also utilise some elements of clean eating. Now just to believe in myself.

Below is my video of my smoothie maker.

My New Smoothie Maker



So, I am moving forward with this healthier lifestyle. After being dismayed by my weight gain I have not given up. I decided to follow the smoothie trend. I bought myself the Ninja Master Prep for £24.99 from B&M. They had another model that was £10 more but I decided that as they both say they do the same thing why spend more. I am new to this after all.

I have asked friends and family for recipes and my cousin shared with me a website called http://simplegreensmoothies.com they have a selection of recipes and some are kid friendly too. I will be trying my own version of their beginners luck smoothie. I say my own version as I do not have all the ingredients but will make do with what I have.

So if you make smoothies or can suggest a smoothie or juicing recipe let me know. I am hoping this becomes the norm for me.

Sad times

Sometimes I wonder why do I bother do a fitness blog when I have failed to get my weight under control. I just weighed myself and discover I am at the heaviest I have ever been. That feeling when clothes get a bit snug. Sitting down doing nothing will not help. I am praying I can move house asap and get a bike or two because I need changes in my life. I got rid of my cross trainer. I could not manage. I think I want  a stationary bike and a push bike. 1st things 1st I need to use the resources I have, 

It is such a shame I can’t even report anything good or any sound progress. 

November Challenged

Ok, so could not think of a better title. The November fitness challenge went okay. Towards the end I ended up skipping a few days. With the 30 Day shred unless you move up a level as you go along it becomes a very static routine. I now need a new routine to try out. I have my weights which I can actually appreciate their use now. I used to think by lifting weights my fat would turn to muscle but they actually help tone and burn fat. 

Not sure if I want to do New `Years fitness challenge. I definitely want to implement clean eating to 50% of my nutrition. As a mother I still want food to be fun and enjoyable for my family. If you have a blog that you share fitness food etc on there let me know. I need some new reading and inspiration. The battle continues

Day 2-6 November Fitness Challenge

I think that the easiest way is to workout in the morning before eating. Once I have eaten its just not the same. I managed to get back my small dumbbell set back from my brothers. It really makes a difference to the workout. It gives me that feel afterwards of truly working out in such a small space of time.

One of the major problems I am experiencing is the jumping jacks. Sports bra just do not help. I have no idea whose idea it was that sports bras did not need wires. Wires in bras equal support right. I found that I may have strain a boob ligament. May not be right term but I was in pain. So not to give up I simply hold my chest and jump. It means I am pain free. Of course it would be more beneficial for me to use my arms but until I can get a solution this will have to do.

I found my very basic exercise matt. It makes the world of difference. Back is still a little sensitive but I use my hands to help out. My children seem very entertained by watching me workout. One will join in for ten minutes the other gives me a running commentary. He wants to know why I am on level 1 and not level 2. I had to kick them out the room so I can concentrate. At one point I stopped replying to them just so I can concentrate.


Day 1 – November Fitness Challenge

It looks like I need to invest in a new dvd player as the overly basic one that is in the house has no remote control. I was geared up ready to get my workout on only to find I could not navigate the dvd menu not even manually. Thankfully my laptop was able to sit on the sofa and help me out. Not sure I can cope 30 days like this at all.

So today I did level one of 30 Day shred. It starts off okay than becomes more repetitive and intense. I was not able to find my exercise matt which something tells me someone has thrown away. I will have another look for it before having to pay out for another. The floor exercises where always going to be a pain in the back for me. I am assuming its my pelvic or hip bum or spine tail end whatever. Anyway its the bottom of my spine and above my bum that bit always feels tender when I lie down on a hard surface. I used my hands to add extra cushion which seemed to work out fine. Jumping jacks were not easy. I had to do some momentary poses.

So my fitness levels definitely need turning up.  But I did it, I made a start now the real challenge begins perseverance.