Sports Bra Finally

I finally have a sports bra. Though I am so not convinced that it is fit for purpose. I bought one by Royce as they are one of few that cater to my cup size. The fit is quite firm though no wires. I felt like I needed a bit more than just one. My cousin had already told me she uses about 3 sports bras at the same time when she is at the gym as she does a lot of running. I feel as though I will need to use my regular wire bra underneath the sports bra when I start running on the treadmill for now I just walk.

So not completely convinced about the effectiveness of the sports bra. Though I will see how it copes with a round of Zumba.


Where is my gym buddy?

I could not get hold of my gym buddy. I even waited to start my workout in the hope she would turn up however she never did till I finished my workout. She had overslept and that is okay. In her absence my other gym buddy was already working up a sweat so I was able to get on with it. Though this is a good thing because at least I know when my schedule changes I can attend the gym by myself and still want to workout.

Whilst sat down on the bikes with the back my friend and I was approached by one of class instructors. He wanted to see if we would be interested in taking part in the class that was about to start called Body Pump. The name alone sounds scary but he assured me that you work at your own pace. Someone had a lost a stone in 6 weeks of Body Pump. Wow sounds impressive huh. I decided I would peep in to see what exactly they do so not to commit to something that might finish me off for the day when I have a family to tend to. From my observations they use weights on one of those long pole things and an aerobic step. There was no sweat inducing cardio movements from what I saw but I could have missed that. 

Upon discussion I will give that class a go next week. I would try it this week but there is no way I could manage anything much straight after Zumba at my current fitness levels. So I need to keep up this working out situation so I can do more. Splitting gym time between classes and machinery sounds good to me and will give my body the variety it needs. I am only going to do weights 1-2 times a week. As my main aim is to trim the fat and keep toned. I will increase weights but I do not want to bulk up how I am I want to trim, then trim and tone and then fall into maintenance mode.

Have you seen the MTV show “I Used to be Fat”. I like the concept of goal setting. This is something I will introduce very soon. At such a point I will start keeping a food diary, just because apparently it is a good thing to do. 

1st Gym sessions done

I have now completed two days of gym activities. Day 1 I worked alongside my friend with a personal instructor who gave tips and advice on how to use the machinery. He also gave tips on goals and food etc. For an induction it was painful. I did 5 minutes on the cross trainer, 5 minutes on the bike which turned into 2 kilometres which was almost 6minutes. Just when I was like yes its over he was like umm actually get to 2kilometres to complete this bit. He then showed us how to use free weights, kettle bells and some pully things. Looks like squats will have to become my new best friend. I have free weights at home so I may use them at home as well. The session ended with 10 minutes on the treadmill.

Today I attended a Zumba class. It was more intense than my Wii Zumba games but just as fun. I actually felt like I had no rhythm. Though my friend was like you can dance so this should be easy. Yes my family and I are of the Caribbean persuasion but backside this class left me breathless and got me drinking more water. All my friends say they will attend Zumba again I will decide next week. After Zumba I did a 5 minute power walk on the treadmill. 

When I previously went to the gym I did not like the treadmill but it is proving okay and I think it will always be used after cross trainer. On the cross trainer I feel pain in my thighs that makes me want to stop but I will try push through that pain barrier. I cannot swim yet but aim to take lessons. I will compare the price at the gym with the local council and then the kids will have their lessons once I can do a length. In the meantime I will have a non swimming dip in the pool and maybe check out the sauna at the gym.

My must buys for the week or by next week are some cheap but useful trainers just for use at the gym and a sturdy sports bra. 

Joined a gym today

I have for years told myself I do not need the gym and can workout at home. I will always start off with well intentions but this house does not do it for me. I will still do some home workouts but will be using the gym to kickstart my fitness. It has a pool and not full of people I know. I only know of two friends who are members, one of which joined with me today. My sacrifice I guess will be no lunch dates. Just have lunch at home so I can afford my membership. I will even forego a high end makeup purchase to ensure membership is continuous. 

One of the great things about this gym is that you do not have to sign up for twelve months and can cancel after a 3 months notice period. This suits me just fine as should I start a new job and my schedule changes I will not be tied into something that I cannot fully partake in.

Next I will take swimming lessons followed by my children getting lessons. Though I will need to convince their dad that he will need to attend their swimming sessions. One more thing I need a swimsuit, tankini, fatkini, sports bra etc. Not sure what a basic gym kit is. So if you have any suggestions please let me know.

Starting a fresh – kind of

So I have now decided to take my weight goals a bit more seriously. I started a private blog 2years ago and feel worse off. I need to stop procrastinating and get up and move.  I will post some if not all the entries from my previous blog just so that I have all my thoughts in one place. I also post my health aspirations on my main blog but this is to streamline my focus even if I have to cross post.

So here is to making a start afresh anew moving forward and all that good stuff.