Same old routine

Over the past few weeks my routine has been Mondays Body Pump and Wednesdays Zumba. After some workouts I go to waddle in the pool and relax in the jacuzzi.  Due to my responsibilities I have missed 2 weeks worth of Zumba. So I just do a normal gym workouts. The other days is just regular gym workouts.

Yesterday I decided to push myself a little bit and added a mini run into my treadmill workout. However I can do 30 second bursts and  then go back to walking and repeat few minutes later. I endeavour to build up to 1 minute and longer. My only concern is the sports bra. I am just not convinced by them. So I am going to look to see if I can find an underwired one. Alternatively I will have to wear a normal bra with the sports bra over it for added support. My cousin tells me she wears 3 sports bra at once just to get the support she needs.

I will be hopefully be doing some other gym classes but as it is now the school summer holidays my time is going to be restricted. I am praying it will not be a set back. Next I do intend to look at doing a food diary. Though I have always found this task very tedious.


Zumba and Jacuzzi

Yesterday I did a very energetic session of Zumba. There was a different instructor this time. She had us jumping none stop. At times I had to just use my hands only as I was breathless. Even worst there was only me an my friend in this Zumba class. I hope while I am able to take the morning class they do not cancel it. Please wait till my schedule change. It almost did as well.

Afterwards I sat in the jacuzzi for a good while. As I was sat there I observed a swimming lesson taking place for babies. I wish I was given lessons at such a young age. One baby was crying but soon stopped. Another seemed like duck to water. I spoke to the instructor to get an idea for prices and you know what. It may sound like a lot of money but I so want to learn to swim. I do not want to be forever getting in the pool and thinking what will I do if I slip etc.

The instructor gave me a floating tip which works well using a long floatation thing. This is now a focused goal. To save up and get swimming. Once I am semi confident swimmer. My children will get lessons. This swimming school teaches from babies to adults. My other option would be the local council swimming pools and their lessons but apparently the situation over there is not as pretty. At my ripe age I do wonder if I could teach myself a little bit.

Body Pump workout

So last week I peeked in the Body Pump class and thought it looked quite a workout. I was this close to not actually going today. However my pushy gym buddy persuaded me. It is a shame she will not be in the gym with me tomorrow. 

So yes being new to this class the instructors gave us a run down of what to expect how to use the weights and how the class will go. Even better a nice lady assisted us in preparing our workout area for the class. We had a pole thing with weights on it. Like an oversized dumbbell with adjustable weights that you would normally associate with body builders. About 3 sets of weights was required so we could go up and down in resistance I guess. Also an aerobic step for workouts on your back. 

The below video is what the class looked like. We had two instructors who were lovely. Surprises me that they also held another class just on abs afterwards. I am not there yet but one day. I had to to pause a few times during the workout but not as much as I thought I would. Afterwards I felt some triceps pain but overall felt good. Now at the time of typing this up in the evening I am feeling pain all over. Especially in places I neglect to acknowledge muscles are present. This pain hurts so bad. I ought to jump in a hot bubble bath to soothe it away. Hopefully next week it will not hurt bad like this. My muscles have definitely woken up.