Day 2-6 November Fitness Challenge

I think that the easiest way is to workout in the morning before eating. Once I have eaten its just not the same. I managed to get back my small dumbbell set back from my brothers. It really makes a difference to the workout. It gives me that feel afterwards of truly working out in such a small space of time.

One of the major problems I am experiencing is the jumping jacks. Sports bra just do not help. I have no idea whose idea it was that sports bras did not need wires. Wires in bras equal support right. I found that I may have strain a boob ligament. May not be right term but I was in pain. So not to give up I simply hold my chest and jump. It means I am pain free. Of course it would be more beneficial for me to use my arms but until I can get a solution this will have to do.

I found my very basic exercise matt. It makes the world of difference. Back is still a little sensitive but I use my hands to help out. My children seem very entertained by watching me workout. One will join in for ten minutes the other gives me a running commentary. He wants to know why I am on level 1 and not level 2. I had to kick them out the room so I can concentrate. At one point I stopped replying to them just so I can concentrate.



Day 1 – November Fitness Challenge

It looks like I need to invest in a new dvd player as the overly basic one that is in the house has no remote control. I was geared up ready to get my workout on only to find I could not navigate the dvd menu not even manually. Thankfully my laptop was able to sit on the sofa and help me out. Not sure I can cope 30 days like this at all.

So today I did level one of 30 Day shred. It starts off okay than becomes more repetitive and intense. I was not able to find my exercise matt which something tells me someone has thrown away. I will have another look for it before having to pay out for another. The floor exercises where always going to be a pain in the back for me. I am assuming its my pelvic or hip bum or spine tail end whatever. Anyway its the bottom of my spine and above my bum that bit always feels tender when I lie down on a hard surface. I used my hands to add extra cushion which seemed to work out fine. Jumping jacks were not easy. I had to do some momentary poses.

So my fitness levels definitely need turning up.  But I did it, I made a start now the real challenge begins perseverance.

November Fitness Challenge

I have decided that I need a fitness challenge. Namely because I slack way too much when it comes to exercise. So before I can justify buying anymore fitness dvd’s I will be using ones I own and of course Youtube. To begin my challenge I will be embarking on the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. It claims to help you lose up to 20lbs in 30 days. One of my friends has completed this workout and currently re-doing it.

Amazon tells me I have had this DVD in my possession since 2011. Yep procrastination is real. My first aim is to make it past day 2. This routine involves back exercises which can be uncomfortable for me. I am praying I can find my exercise matt otherwise that will be yet another item to buy back the someone has binned.

My fitness challenge starts 2 November 2013, Not sure if I should do a daily blog or weekly as yet. If for any reason I am not able to complete the challenge I still must have achieved at least 25 days of exercise using the many other dvd’s I have. So pray for me the fitness challenge starts tomorrow with the 30 Day Shred.

FYI: Food is not the focus, exercise is. Once exercise is back in my life as a standard routine like brushing your teeth in the morning than will concentrate more on food. I am keen to give clean eating a serious go. But first let me move some more,