My New Smoothie Maker



So, I am moving forward with this healthier lifestyle. After being dismayed by my weight gain I have not given up. I decided to follow the smoothie trend. I bought myself the Ninja Master Prep for £24.99 from B&M. They had another model that was £10 more but I decided that as they both say they do the same thing why spend more. I am new to this after all.

I have asked friends and family for recipes and my cousin shared with me a website called they have a selection of recipes and some are kid friendly too. I will be trying my own version of their beginners luck smoothie. I say my own version as I do not have all the ingredients but will make do with what I have.

So if you make smoothies or can suggest a smoothie or juicing recipe let me know. I am hoping this becomes the norm for me.


Sad times

Sometimes I wonder why do I bother do a fitness blog when I have failed to get my weight under control. I just weighed myself and discover I am at the heaviest I have ever been. That feeling when clothes get a bit snug. Sitting down doing nothing will not help. I am praying I can move house asap and get a bike or two because I need changes in my life. I got rid of my cross trainer. I could not manage. I think I want  a stationary bike and a push bike. 1st things 1st I need to use the resources I have, 

It is such a shame I can’t even report anything good or any sound progress.